2021 has already been a challenging year for us working mums - so if you feel like you need extra support, energy and inspiration to navigate it with more ease 

Come join me and an amazing lineup of expert speakers across the areas of Wellbeing, Lifestyle, Mindset, Relationships, Career, Business and Wealth for the


Binge worthy content available to watch on demand 
Each speaker will be sharing insights, advice and actionable tips to help you to feel inspired, empowered and replenished for 2021 and beyond!
(And I know you’re busy, which is why this is a Summit with a difference. All content is available immediately as an on demand library so that you can dip into exactly what you need, when you need it).

Inspirational speaker line-up

Over 30 incredible female experts ready to show you how to thrive this year. Across the areas of Wellbeing, Relationships, Finances, Career, Business, Mindset and Lifestyle. We've got you covered for 2021!  

On demand video library

On demand access to insights, strategies and inspiration to transform your life in 2021. All from the comfort of your own home, which means you can learn and get inspired however, and wherever best suits you! 

Spreading the good karma

50% of your ticket price will be donated to three amazing charities.  So by grabbing your place on the summit you'll not only be helping yourself in 2021 but these three good causes too! 


In this online experience our expert speakers will be covering 


Wisdom For Wellbeing

How to set yourself and your family up for success by learning the tools and insights to support your wellness, energy and vitality.


Wisdom For Relationships

How to connect with the people in your life to have more happy and fulfilling relationships.


Wisdom For Work

How to work on your own terms. to unleash your unique strengths so you can be at your best! How to combine motherhood and your career without sacrificing either, in a sustainable and successful way.


Wisdom For Business

Giving you the tools, resources and community you need to grow your business.


Wisdom For Mindset

How to set yourself up for success in 2021.  How to recognise and prioritise your needs.  How to navigate the curve balls and stay on track even when life (and your own mind) tries to sabotage your plans. 


Wisdom For Wealth

How to take back financial control in your life and start creating wealth.  Enabling you to financially thrive and feel empowered.


Wisdom For Lifestyle

How to get your home organised so you can free yourself from the domestic overwhelm. How to look and feel more confident in your outfits and spark joy back into your wardrobe. 

All this for only £97 


This exclusive online experience is for you if:

  • You're feeling exhausted and disillusioned from the working mum juggle in 2020
  • You're ready to cut through the overwhelm and reimagine how you approach life
  • You want to start 2021 feeling energised and inspired
  • You want to live a full life; shining brightly without burning out!
  • You're strapped for time - you need support but you don't have much wiggle room in your schedule 

Join me and my inspirational line-up of expert speakers


Your Ticket Includes

Only £97

30+ inspirational experts sharing their life changing insights.

On demand access for 12 months.

50% of your ticket price will be donated to 3 incredible charities.

Access to an exclusive Facebook group for Thrive Summit speakers and attendees.


A note from your host Nicky - Founder of Wisdom For Working Mums

This event is all for you!

2020 was a tough year for us working mums. But it doesn't mean that our life and dreams stopped. More than ever it's important that we thrive.  Not just because we deserve that in life, but because when we thrive those around us thrive too. 
I've spent the last 15 years supporting women like you to thrive personally and professionally. And I'm constantly thinking of ways I can support you to be at your best as a working mum.
I can't think of any better way to help you to thrive than by curating this line up of incredible expert speakers - a summit for women made by women.  Each one of the inspirational speakers has been hand-selected to bring you the best insights and inspiration to thrive in 2021.
You're going to walk away more ready than ever to thrive as a working mum.
I can't wait to welcome you to The Thrive summit.
Nicky x

Frequently Asked Questions

I've got you!  As a busy working mum myself I know how precious your time is. And I know how even more limited time is during a pandemic.  The Thrive Summit is designed to go-at-your-own-pace.  It's on-demand format allows you to take your time and listen (and re-listen) as many times as you need during 2021.

No, this event is 100% virtual and not live. All sessions are pre-recorded and will become available to you on Sunday 17th January 2021 at 7am UK time. This means you can enjoy the summit from the comfort of your home or from any device, anywhere in the world. Feel free to watch in bed with your PJs on!

How about all levels of amazingness (yes, that's a word)! I've worked hard to bring together 30+ amazing women who are inspirational experts in their field who can provide you with the education, clarity and tools you need to thrive in 2021 and beyond

I've made it super easy for you to access The Thrive Summit - I've created your own personal learning hub.  All you need is an internet connection and you'll receive login details to access the videos and learning material.  All designed to make it really easy and an enjoyable learning experience! 

There are so many amazing topics that will be presented at the summit such as Wellbeing, Nutrition, Career, Business, Lifestyle, Relationships,  Finances, Mindset and so much more.

100% YES! You'll be able to join an exclusive Facebook group to connect with other amazing working mums. You can dive deeper into the lessons and share ideas with the other working mums on this summit

Another 100% YES! Since each order is only valid for one person per IP address, you will need to place each order separately. But yes, you can absolutely order multiple tickets.

You'll have unlimited 1 year to access all The Thrive Summit speaker content.  So you can take it at your own pace and come back and revisit the presentations as many times as you want to during 2021.

My team and I are here to answer any questions you have. Please feel free to email us at [email protected]

"Nicky is a very warm, genuine person with a real passion and skill for helping people be the best they can be. Through it all she'll be totally respectful and supportive but challenging if its required and you'll emerge stronger and better off than when you entered."

Katie Warriner
Olympic Performance Coach

"I would have no hesitation of working with Nicky again. Her passion for unlocking potential and developing people shines through. Nicky's deep knowledge, professionalism and personable approach delivers positive results. "

Victoria Higgins
Chief Information Officer

"Nicky has an incredibly natural and supportive style. She also has a unique ability to help me see myself for who I can be - a strong mother who can be effective at work and be there for my kids. "

Naomi Regan
Business Owner

"Nicky has had such a huge positive influence on both my personal and professional life. Nicky also helped me to stay sane as a working Mum of three with my own psychology practice."

Dr Esther Cole
Clinical Psychologist

"It's made a massive difference. I feel in control, less overwhelmed and I'm able to build my business whilst not feeling guilty. "

Laura Pegg
Business Owner


2020 has been an unprecedented year for us working mums. It's time to stop feeling like you're somehow failing and time to get the support you deserve to truly thrive as a working mum. Come join me and my amazing guests for what is going to be an incredible online experience! We'll be sharing our insights to help you to feel inspired, empowered and replenished for 2021 and beyond! You're not going to want to miss out!